My Kitties: I want to thank you for coming to help with Bella and Oki. They are significantly improved with their fighting. In fact today is the first time since you’ve been here that they got into fighting. I have been doing the TTouch at least twice a day and it seems to be making a great difference. I am amazed!! Right after their scrap, I just went to each of them and did the TTouch and they are better. WOW!


Hank: Our yellow lab Hank has had a rough few months, with a move to a new home along with general separation anxiety that he’s had since we adopted him. Dawn and I talked about Hank, his challenges and his habits. Hank had a wonderful TTouch session with Dawn and really relaxed and calmed down. Dawn also taught me some TTouch basics to help calm Hank when he’s in pain or anxious, which he has been more lately thanks to a strain. Hank has had some continual pain that has made him stressed and anxious, and the TTouch has helped to relax and calm him down. Dawn is a wonderful TTouch practitioner and Hank loved her!


Workshop: If you are interested in learning about how to interact with your dog in a positive, healing manner, this is a great workshop to attend. I look forward to being able to assist my dog feel well/strong/confident as she grows older.


Workshop: This workshop provided both information and skills that I anticipate will benefit my dog, me and our relationship. It demystified TTouch into practical use.


Workshop: We have a nervous, reactive young dog. New environments as well as dogs make life stressful for her. During the TTouch workshop I was able to see immediate benefit for our dog. With continued practice of the TTouch method at home, I feel fairly confident that we will see improvement in her emotional response to her world.