I am a native Oregonian and have always loved nature and animals.  As I was growing up we always had pets, and we spent much time camping and enjoying the gifts of nature.

I am a Certified Advanced Tellington TTouch® Practitioner, and my work with pets is founded in the Tellington TTouch® Training Method.  

Many years ago I adopted a four-year old red Doberman Pinscher named Chris (he came with the name). Chris was a large dog, weighing about 90 pounds, but he wasn’t very confident around other dogs.  He would cower and run from them, or he would growl and snarl at them.

I wanted to help Chris be more comfortable around other dogs and someone suggested that I try TTouch.  I had never heard of this technique, did some research and found a two-day workshop in Portland.  I was amazed at the difference in Chris at the end of the two days.  He seemed more confident, was able to calmly walk near other dogs and have them walk by him without reacting.

The combination of gentle body work to release fear and tension, and groundwork to improve balance and confidence made sense in addressing behavior issues related to stress, fear and anxiety.  The work resonated so much with me that I completed the two-year certification course, and became a TTouch Practitioner in 2003,  a Senior Practitioner in 2013, and an Advanced Practitioner in 2017.

I bring compassion, patience and understanding to my work and I am passionate about helping pets feel comfortable and confident living in our human world.  When your pets feel safe and confident you will see fewer behavior and/or health issues.  Happy pets equal happy pet owners.

I am a member of the Pet Professional Guild and volunteer at the Oregon Humane Society.  I enjoy camping, hiking, snowshoeing, and share my home with my husband and dog.


Solve your pets problems with training tools and techniques that are positive, force-free and respectful.